Things About Note Taking

We usually got stucked on some tasks and then we lost our willpower. This happens because we don't have a system or structure that can fix this kind of problem. A good system will help you to move from task to task without losing the bigger picture of every tasks.

With having a good structure / system we will have something that we can rely on. We will not need to remember and keep track of everything in our head. We can just put everything inside the system and it will take care of things for us. Our mind is limited so don't try to put everything inside it. By letting things go into our system we can focus more on what's important.

Procrastination and lack of motivation comes from our routines that don't allow us to take control of the process. This doesn't come from ideas that are not interesting to us. To conquer this we should take back the control of our workflow.

Having a structure is not the same with having a plan. Having a plan restricts you and this can result in less creativity. Note-taking should be flexible so we can have more creative work.

Planning won't make you an expert at writing, learning, and note-taking.

It doesn't mean that we should have a complex structure or system. The way to deal with complex problems is by keeping things as simple as possible. The mistakes that I have made in the past is putting too much time configuring the tools. You can use Notion, Evernote, Apple notes, Roam, or anything else.

Tools will not improve your productivity if we don't change our daily routines.